Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Peek Into My Green World

How eco-friendly am I? Well, I'll admit, not as much as I should be. But I am well on my way! Before DS was born, I had thought about cloth diapering, but the thought quickly slipped away, as I realized I am just too much of a germaphobe for that. When DS was 10 months old, I changed my mind, we went to cloth. I found a great sale on BumGenius diapers and decided to go for it. I actually had started to read up on Elimination Communication and how cloth really helps that process. Daddy wasn't all that pleased, but said as long as I dealt with the dirties, I could do whatever I wanted. :)

EC on it's own is pretty eco-friendly. I mean, the whole idea is to have a "diaper free baby" so that you can help your child recognize the body's processes. It pushed me to try other things as well. I use more "natural" products. I have read about making your own shampoo, though I haven't tried it yet. I plan to cloth diaper this new baby, along with possibly trying out cloth wipes(YIKES!) and making my own baby food. I have also found other "extreme green" ideas, such as family cloth, but I will post about that later.

What green things do you and your family do?


  1. Cloth wipes are so easy and gentle on baby's bum. No harsh chemicals, soft flannel works best.

    Just wipe baby's dirty bum, and you and rinse off wipes with your cloth diaper toilet sprayer, and then plop into the cloth diaper bucket along with all of your cd's.

    You can purchase all-natural spray "butt cleaner" too. I liked the ones on

  2. Cloth wipes are super easy! use pinking shears to cut up old flannel blankets or shirts. Free and soo much softer. I have found that they work way better than disposable wipes, too!