Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oops, forgot to post yesterday! Oh wait, maybe that's because I had NO time!

The house we are currently in is one we rent. We are moving out next weekend. The landlord had the house up for sale for 3 weeks and found a buyer(crazy how different the economy is down here than up in Michigan!) Last week I got a call from the realtor saying they were going to do an inspection on Wednesday. Well, Wednesday comes and at 11am I get a message saying it was cancelled. Ok, sweet, DS and I will hang out at home for the day.

2:30 rolls around. DS was driving me insane so I tried putting him down for a nap. I get a phone call from the realtor saying "Nevermind, it's not cancelled, they will be there any minute." I said fine, but I am not leaving, my son is napping.  He was babbling and playing in his crib for a while, which he only does if he's going to fall asleep....KNOCK KNOCK! Someone's at the door. Dog starts barking, DS starts crying. UGH!

So there were 2 inspectors and the home buyer here. They were friendly with us. They even played with DS a little. He loved the extra attention. They were here for THREE HOURS. DS was a total grouch by the end. When Daddy got home from work, DS was in the crib because I was having a meltdown because of DS's meltdown.

My night consisted of getting DS to bed as soon as possible, funny tv, and a big bowl of vanilla ice cream with hot fudge and strawberries!

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